Deep Blue – unexpected results


I love dōTERRA because they are pure and potent. I’ve mentioned before that I have multiple chemical sensitivity. I can detect synthetic chemicals where most people have no idea, or don’t care. I was out the other night at a meeting and had forgotten my water bottle so I wandered down the back to where the water was. I picked up the jug and inhaled and didn’t like what I smelled. I poured a little in a glass and took a tiny sip, it was almost pure, but I could detect something in it that wasn’t kind to the body. A woman was watching me and asked what the water was like. I believe there’s a growing number of people who are fed up with being served tap water when they go out. I told her exactly what I’d detected. Guess what. She poured herself a full glass. Oh well, that was her choice.

I’m mentioning this because I get asked frequently what’s so special about dōTERRA. I will not discuss other brands only to say that dōTERRA do not cause brain dysfunction.

I’ve mentioned that I fast regularly with support from Expansions who host weekly blog fasts. Once a month I fast for 84hrs. This is awesome and challenging as it always brings up stuff that can be challenging. To go back a little, 2 days before I moved back to Melbourne I began getting low lumbar discomfort. This represents feeling unsupported in life. Being in Melbourne I’m closer to my parents and yep, there’s where the issue needs to be resolved. The fast brought this out intensely and on the last day of the fast I could not find comfort. I slowed the fast down by putting a tiny amount of sea salt as well as one drop of chlorophyll in my water. Worked beautifully, however I woke up during the night with intense muscle spasms and could not find comfort at all. Finally I had some clarity and found my Deep Blue roll on in the dark, applied it liberally to my back along both sides of my spine as well as along the spine. Relief soon set in and a smile formed on my face as I felt sleep was not far away. Ohh was I incorrect! I lay on my back and was amazed to note that deep rooted emotions were lifting up from my spinal cord into my centre! Rage, fear, resentment, fear, rage, resentment, sexual abuse.. it went on. I know the techniques to remove these emotions especially when they arise this way. If you’re interested you can get a great value 30min consult with me via Expansion’s Love Money and Purpose.

I repeated the exercise last night, applying the same oil along my spine as well as both sides. I understand now partly what it does. It goes in very deep. The spinal cord is connects to the entire body and I soon felt it in my organs. It was relaxing the muscles and tendons, getting into the individual cells and it’s that relaxation that allowed cellular memory to be released.

It’s important to note, this is my life’s work. If your intention is to just receive muscular relief, well that’s all you get!

Also, awesome news! dōTERRA are having great bonuses this month! If you reach 200PV you get a free Deep Blue rub as well as a 5ml Deep blue full strength bottle. It doesn’t end there! Product of the month is wild orange, oh my this has got to be one of my favourite oils! Calming, refreshing, it assists with sleep and can be used for cleaning! WOW! Plus you can get OnGuard foaming hand wash and 2 dispenser bottles at 10% discount. Don’t forget, by signing up you get 25% discount on products to begin with! This is awesome!