dōTERRA Wellness Advocate



There is a Natural Solutions Revolution growing around the world and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! Do you want to join in?!

I’m Narelle Carter, an internationally renowned essential oils practitioner and consultant with a unique ability for working with essential oils. I share new insights and teach people how to learn about these oils themselves. The support to be found in dōTERRA is amazing and uplifting! I’ve come out of isolation and and building a growing network of amazing people who have become dear friends. Every day I find more reasons to be grateful for the choices I have made, which have led me here!

As an essential oils practitioner I am particular about which oils I use, however as someone who has chemical sensitivity from an auto-immune disorder, it is of the utmost importance that the oils I use on myself, and for others, are pure and unadulterated. For these reasons dōTERRA is the company I choose. I love to share my experiences of oils and educate others about how essential oils can be used in home and for health. I can also teach you how to determine the difference between different brands of oils yourself. It’s about helping you help yourself, and making life a little easier with natural solutions. I’ve seen people compare other brands of oils with dōTERRA and their faces light up in surprise when they experience for themselves the purity of these oils and what they can do for you!

I have not been to a doctor in years. I have my oils which help me and my family through most issues. I say ‘most’ because there are some things that do require seeing a health practitioner for. After all, essential oils can’t set a broken arm, but they can assist with the knitting of bone. I am not qualified to diagnose, however dōTERRA’s saying is ‘there’s an oil for that’ and that’s where I can assist.

I love to talk about oils. I’m passionate about them and want to share that with you! Therefore I am available for classes, which are experiential. Contact me for a private chat if you’d prefer. It’s all about the oils and what they can do for you!

I’ve been guiding people through experiential learning with essential oils around the world and WOW! we have such fun!

If you’re looking for natural solutions to health in your home and for yourSelf and family contact me. Whether you want to live with essential oils, share your experiences of living with them, or you want to start building a business, I will help YOU with YOUR needs.