Why dōTERRA?

dōTERRA consist of 7 founding members who continue to work closely with communities and individuals teaching and inspiring others in life, business and voluntary work. I have met a few of the founding members and they are amongst the most humble and grounded people I have ever met! They are all family oriented and it’s their love for their families that inspire them daily.

They took out second and third mortgages to build dōTERRA and not one of them received a pay check until 13mths after the first Wellness Advocate received one!

Healing Hands is an initiative that dōTERRA began prior to receiving their first pay check. They go into countries around the world and build hospitals for poor local communities who are unable to reach a hospital, amongst other things. They go back each year and often multiple times a year to maintain these projects. Recently dōTERRA Wellness Advocates joined forces to create re-useable sanitary packs for disadvantaged women. Also, Healing Hands has now begun here in Australia! Did you know that the Rose Lotion has no PV because all funds received from it’s sales go fully towards Healing Hands?! This is unheard of in todays society. Most other foundations spend their funds on paying their employees first before donating what’s left towards their cause. Healing Hands employees are funded directly by dōTERRA’s founders and sales of the Rose Lotion is how we can contribute to the actual cause.

Operation Underground Railroad – O.U.R – is part of Healing Hands. dōTERRA have been integral in setting up a specified law enforcement team in Thailand to help get children out of sex slavery. Their Hope Touch Roll On blend also has no PV (personal volume) because the entire cost of this beautiful blend goes towards O.U.R!

dōTERRA science is always evolving. Science doesn’t always happen in laboratories. It begins in the soil and follows the plant through to maturity, harvest and beyond. Many plants require different conditions and methods for preparing them prior to and including oil extraction. This is where dōTERRA are leading the field as they create new technology according to each plants’ needs. Through co-impact sourcing; dōTERRA commit to the farmers and distillers, teaching natural farming techniques and how to distil plant product without losing compounds and ensuring a complete chemical matrix. This is why dōTERRA essential oils are so potent! They are also creating job opportunities this way and enable farmers to earn more!

dōTERRA have the largest biological library in the world identifying plant species and their various chemical components dating back before modern farming practices. Through their co-impact sourcing they are producing plants with a complete chemical matrix which closely match those of plants found in their extensive library. This is why dōTERRA essential oils stand out from other companies and it’s also why they welcome analysis from respected, independent sources.

CPTG: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. There is no such thing as a therapeutic grade certification for essential oils as defined by a government body. Quality of oils are not regulated. Due to an industry out of control with companies labelling oils which contains synthetics and other fillers as therapeutic, dōTERRA are leading the way. Their integrity and innovation is second to none and this attracts positive as well as negative attention.

This is the current testing list provided by dōTERRA and it’s always developing as new technology becomes available. No one else is testing the way dōTERRA do!