Essential Oils


Essential oils are highly concentrated, complex compounds. This is why they come in such small bottles. Less is best. Less is more, and used correctly, that small bottle will go a long way! Take a small bottle of CPTG – certified, pure, therapeutic grade oil and it will go even further.

A single inhalation of a CPTG oil and one, or even two or more hours later I’m still experiencing its effects. How long do the effects of your oils last?

It requires a large volume of raw material to create essential oils and depending upon which oil we’re talking about that volume will change.

For example:

it takes approximately 75 lemons to create 15ml of essential oil

2.5m² of lavender will create 15ml of essential oil

453g of peppermint will create 15ml of essential oil

4.5 – 7 tonne of melissa (lemon balm) produces approximately 1 lb of essential oil. Melissa is amongst the most expensive oils on the market due to this reason. Price reflects quality and make sure you know your supplier and the genus species: Melissa officinalis. Melissa has a range of exciting properties and it is one of the most commonly adulterated oils being diluted with synthetics or other fillers such as lemon grass and citronella.

60 roses will create one drop of essential oil, that’s approximately 10,000+ roses for 5ml of essential oil. Rose otto, Rosa damascena, is one the most expensive oils and it has a high frequency which gives it such a wide range of powerful therapeutic qualities. Rose essential oil is often pre-diluted and is also known to be adulterated with synthetics or lower grade roses.

One drop of essential oil will go a long way. I’ve already told you that a single inhalation goes a long way. CPTG oils are powerful!

1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!

I mentioned that Rose essential oil has a high frequency. Do you know what I mean by that?

Think of it this way. How well do you know your car? Most of us know our cars better than we realise. When the vibration of the engine changes we either hear or feel it, sometimes both. Then we either change gears, if you’re in a manual, or hear and feel the gears shift if you’re in an automatic, or call the mechanic! That vibration that you know so well is what I’m referring to as frequency when I talk about essential oils.

The way that you know your car so well that you don’t need to think about it, is what I refer to as getting into the frequency when I talk about essential oils. This is how I’m able to sit for hours at a time experiencing a single inhalation. I feel the oils’ pathway through my body and I get to know its frequency. I’m able to connect to the oil this way and develop a deep understanding of its’ properties. I’m learning new things about oils that haven’t been documented before!

I’ve heard clients tell people that I sing to my oils. That makes me smile 🙂 What I actually do is match the frequency of the oil and then I tweak it.

All of this enables me to create very powerful and specific blends. You will never receive the same formula from me because you change as my oils work to balance you.

Contact me for more information! I LOVE essential oils and what they can do!