jet lag


Jet lag is often experienced when people travel quickly across different time zones.

It is most common after flying to another country and the greater the difference between time zones, the greater the symptoms of jet lag. Returning to your own time zone within a short period increases the severity of those symptoms. Of course there are some people who don’t experience jet lag.

I travel regularly throughout the year and due to my extreme sensitivity I have been able to observe symptoms objectively. Most people are aware of tiredness and others experience a type of confusion. It can be challenging to get your brain and mind working logically and short-term memory can be disrupted.

Due to my sensitivity I am aware of how challenging it can be to get my brain functioning normally and sometimes this causes brain pain, which contributes to tiredness.

I have tried homoeopathics with some success, though having to take them every couple of hours was a nuisance. I also tried melatonin, which I’m aware many people do when flying. There’s no doubt that sleeping well on the plane helps alleviate jet lag symptoms. I don’t believe that melatonin tablets are good for you and medical professionals that I’ve spoken to insist that I am wrong.

I have also tried essential oils and this requires thought, understanding and knowing your body. Essential oils work specifically and in regards to jet lag they either soothe and relax the brain or stimulate it positively. I have a penchant for experimenting upon myself and I often experience severe jet lag symptoms.

My latest trip to the US included a busy schedule. I arrived at my destination very late at night and my schedule began the next day. From that evening it was go go go for 10 days with 2 half days off.

I took me a few days to adjust to the local time zone and returning within 2wks amplified those symptoms.

I returned to a busy schedule, which meant it was vital to reset to local time.

The first day back I was very tired and as the day progressed I began to realise that I was confused and not functioning optimally. Trying to force a brain to function when it is over stimulated from conflicting messages (different time zones) is what causes the tiredness as well as confusion, and for me discomfort and pain.

The brain responds to natural light levels, or lack of, as well as the body’s chemicals/hormones. When these messages go from one extreme to the next it causes trauma to the body/mind and in this case, that’s what is called jet lag.

I endeavour to go to sleep at my usual time in an effort to force my body into the local time. As the first day progresses this becomes challenging and I have experienced sudden tiredness to the point where I could fall asleep on my feet. This is a result of the brain working to balance and heal.

I inhaled an equal blend of grapefruit, bergamot and lavender essential oils, directly from the 3 bottles held together. Immediately I could feel my brain relaxing and calming, but shortly after the discomfort increased.

Then I inhaled an equal blend of bergamot, peppermint and rosemary, directly from holding the 3 bottles together. Peppermint and rosemary stimulate the brain. I referred above to stimulating the brain positively, which means stimulating the brain to create balance and heal itself. Negative stimulation of the brain is caused by conflicting extremes of information.

This blend reduced the discomfort and pain I was feeling and then I went back and inhaled the first blend again. This enabled me to function more coherently and go to bed at my usual time.

I slept 10hrs straight, woke up once to go to the bathroom, slept another 2.5hrs and woke up from noise in the house, otherwise I would’ve slept longer. It’s important to allow yourself to do this.

I was aware that I was still a bit confused which was causing me to want to push on and get on with work, rather than rest and allow my body to balance and heal.

I went outside, filled a watering can and stood on the ground, poured the water over my bare feet and just stood there for 20mins. I would have remained longer, but I had some brownies cooking in the oven.

Studies have shown that doing this enables you to connect with the Earth’s electrons, which has multiple health benefits. This electron flow is what I refer to as frequency and by pouring water over my bare feet I created a pathway to connect my body to the Earth.

Every location on Earth has a different frequency due to the mineral/chemical components within each area, which is enhanced by underground water. We can connect to this frequency by standing on the surface of the earth with wet feet.

This is the best way to reset the body from jet lag. In the past I have done this immediately upon returning home (usually with a cup of organic, black coffee to assist me in grounding) and it works!

Weather is the reason I am sometimes reluctant to do this.

My first trip to Michigan, I was having a hard time recovering from jet lag and the 2nd day I went to Lake Michigan, took my shoes and socks off and walked through the water along it’s shores. I have proven to myself time and time again that this works quickly and effectively.

On a domestic flight on my way home I chatted to another passenger who told me that she does the same thing, at their local beach. Here in Australia I live a long way from the beach and so I create my own connection, during these hot months, by pouring water over my feet and the ground. During winter the ground is often wet or damp already.

There was a time when I did this every day for health benefits and I am going to get back into it so that I may observe changes within my body and pass that information back to you!


Narelle A Carter