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I’m a contributing writer and consultant for Love Money and Purpose : an affordable consulting service providing guidance through any of life’s challenges. My areas of focus are release work, deprogramming and establishing strong foundations. Without firm foundations how do you respond when stressed or panicked? Or in a fury?

I teach simple, yet effective techniques that I have learnt from Expansions and use daily.

I am an internationally renowned Essential Oils consulting practitioner as well as Expansions’ official Essential Oils Consultant and I work with essential oils in a unique way; I may suggest essential oils for added support, or you may ask me for natural solutions for your individual needs, and sometimes we just need someone to talk to and that’s ok too.

There are a number of consultants working at Love Money and Purpose and we are established all over the world.

You already know me, I’m Narelle A Carter! Follow me on FaceBook at EmotionOils by Narelle . I share tips on using essential oils in daily life and welcome your questions! I can also be found on YouTube and I have a blog on Love Money and Purpose. If you’d like to chat with me, contact me here or through my webpage.








Alison Hilary Corbalis is a talented artist as well as one of the consultants for Love Money and Purpose. She is an expert at dream interpretation, defining your creative purpose and understanding symbols in every day life.