my top 10 oils


Recently a new Wellness Advocate asked me what my top 10 essential oils are. Simple enough, though when I began to reply I realised what a challenging question this was.

I use so many oils throughout each day this simple question encouraged me to slow down and consider which oils I use most often and more importantly why.

His beautiful reply surprised me! I won’t share it, however it did make me think that maybe you would like to know which oils I use and why.

Here’s a link to a short video by Dr Josh Axe in which he explains the benefits of Long Life Vitality more effectively than I can. I do encourage you to watch it as LLV has changed my life!

My top 10 oils..

Whisper – it’s musky and I LOVE that and use it as a perfume. Its label is a monthly blend for women and I really don’t like it when doTERRA do that because men become afraid to use it. I LOVE smelling this on other people regardless of their sex. My dear friend ran up to me in the street and shouted “guess what I’m wearing?!” and there I am in the middle of a country town with my face in her neck, inhaling. She was wearing Whisper of course. Oh my.. who cares what the locals thought! We were laughing!

Balance – I’m high anxiety and can get knocked out of my centre easily and Balance brings me right back in with a whomp. I do part time voluntary hand massage at an aged care home and use Balance, which grounds and calms the residents 🙂

Wild orange – I love coconut and cleaning the jars is a nightmare. No more! I wipe them out with paper towel and then put in a few drops of wild orange and wipe that, voila! Crystal clear! When I get a video of this I’ll post it. I also invite you to think of someone who irritates you and inhale wild orange. Are you still irritated?

Cilantro – this oil has amazing, AMAZING, anti-bacterial properties. OMG!!! I take it internally, I put it in my soup, I apply it to skin imperfections. It helped a person with goitre and now they’re using it on cancer!

Frankincense – “When in doubt use Frank”. It’s good for everything! I applied it topically to a client with skin cancer daily for a year with remarkable results.  A word of caution, Frank detoxes. If you break out in a red rash and think you’re allergic to it, that’s not accurate, you need to detox. I’ve seen this many times and if you ever encounter it stop using the oil and apply organic castor oil. (I always tell sensitive people to dilute oils and do a test patch on the inner wrist first. The doTERRA touch range is kiddie safe, though I have some sensitive clients who need to dilute further)

Fresh Ginger – I have occasional depression and it was inhaling ginger that snapped me out of it. I also use it in cookies with cinnamon, yum!

Lavender – for all things calm. Bruises, rashes, cuts, sedative – sleep, take internally – anti-microbial activity. If you look at symptoms and think it’s angry, irritated, dramatic etc if your thought is it needs to be calmed, then use Lavender! My Dad calls the Touch Roll on the ‘magic stick’ as it clears up bruises before they form.

Salubelle – (Immortelle in the US) OMG!!! I know a couple of people who have treated themselves of glaucoma and cataracts. I applied lavender to a friend with a nasty scratch one day, the redness went within 2 mins, then I applied Salubelle and again within 2 mins the wound began to heal before her eyes. We were both amazed!

Salubelle is free with any order of 200PV or more this month. There is still time to place an order, though it’s currently sold out you will get it on back order. I highly recommend setting up an LRP cart and earning reward points at the same time!

OnGuard – Where would we be without this blend?! I apply it directly to the sole of one foot and rub both feet together morning and night and I haven’t had a cough/cold/flu since I began doing this. Last year I was in the UK and picked up a sore throat so fast it was shocking, I used OnGuard throat drops and beadlets and was good within days. My travel companion was subjected to the same protocol and didn’t get ill at all. Caution: most people can’t apply OnGuard undiluted to their skin as it’s very drying. Recommend to dilute.

Digestzen – I take this internally in the evening along with cilantro to assist with digestion with good results. It can be diluted and rubbed clockwise over the stomach and pelvis. A drop can be rubbed onto the soles of a baby’s feet to relieve colic. I do know someone who burnt herself applying a few drops onto her stomach neat!

Digestzen also works nicely across the sinuses too. Think congestion.

Ohh let’s go an 11th. Ice Blue. In the US it’s called Deep Blue. Great for sore/tired muscles and tendons. It’s great pre and post workout. Inhale for soothing results emotionally.

And, I won’t finish this post without a few words about the following:

LLV is phenomenal! Life Long Vitality trio. I take half the suggested dose – 2 tablets each in the morning – as I’m rather small and it has given me such natural stamina without the buzz from caffeine. I’ve just begun DDR and will see what difference that makes.

Manuka has just been released here and has an unusual scent. It’s not sweet, very subtle, it is a tea tree, but doesn’t have that sharp, strong scent.. it’s lovely. I’m told it’s good for meditation, yes I can see that, I find that it pulls me together, balances and clears my mind.

Litsea, also recently been released, it’s found in HD Clear and used for its anti-infectious qualities. It’s also good for the digestive and nervous systems.

I’ve heard great reviews about the Rose hand lotion, but don’t have it as yet!

Feel welcome to share with me your own discoveries. doTERRA is all about community and sharing experiences so that we may all grow together  🙂