“Hmmm, Its hard to gather words for something so unique. Narelle revealed her custom blends and use of them in the January class. I was so astonished that smelling an oil and applying them topically, can show and reveal what’s within you. Thats if you’re open to it, as always the class further increased my knowledge of essential oils. I never knew that there is so much to learn and so much growth with essential oils, I am forever grateful.”     Alvin Eze  Maryland, US


“I was recently at a talk given by Narelle about her journey with essential oils. Narelle explained that she has chemical sensitivity which at one point in her life was debilitating. The upside of this is that she found that she can communicate with her oils to really understand them and gain the knowledge of how to blend them and apply them for correct and beneficial effect. Narelle gave examples of her blends and taught us how to use them and interpret the results. I am in no doubt whatsoever that she has a unique and wonderful gift. I wish her well in her endeavours and I’m confident that she will be sought out by those who wish to heal themselves with the help of these essential oils and the power of their own minds.”    Norma Venables  London, UK


“I recently had a consultation with Narelle concerning a physical issue. Based on the information I gave her, she mixed a blend of oils particular to my issue.  She asked me to inhale it and record any effects it had on me. At this point it was clear that Narelle works with oils in a way I had never encountered or heard of before! She then did a first tuning on the oil and asked me again to inhale it and record any effects. This tuning involved her directing sound frequencies towards the oil. I liken it to singing to the oils. Finally she did a second tuning and I repeated the process. Following are my observations; After the first inhalation there was a tight feeling across my forehead and down to the temples. My focus and clarity of thought improved although it felt like a surface effect. After the second inhalation the tight feeling lessened and my focus and clarity seems light and clearer. After the third inhalation the tightness had completely disappeared and there was a much deeper and richer feeling of clarity and focus. If felt like the effect had travelled much further into my brain. I noticed that Narelle did not ask me for my observations between each inhalation. I’ve been using the blend she made for me with success.”    Kel Perry  VIC, Australia


“Essential Healing Oil Red:
 This oil is worth it! I know oils have therapeutic properties, but take an inhale of this oil and see where it takes you within yourself. When I did this I didn’t know how much unresolved, unexpressed anger I had. People tell me how I keep my anger under wraps, and they could never imagine that I had held anger inside. Well I do…and I had to be honest with myself. Not only does this oil assist to reveal your anger issues, but….sexual issues as well…Believe it or not…men do have sexual issues no matter how small or even strange they are. This oil aids in helping you help yourself in resolving and correcting imbalances particular where anger and sexual imbalances dwell..I will be buying more!”    Alvin Eze  Maryland, US
“Essential oil FearLess:
This oil smell is refreshing, all oils have its place…this one is particularly useful when anger has taken root. And behind all anger is ‘fear”, fear of being weak, fear of not having courage, fear of not being accepted and fear of being left alone. When I used fearless I felt a sensual calming feeling and unafraid to go forward in my mental work. Who knew that one can be afraid of the smallest of things, these oils have given new meaning to essential oils. Because they really are essential.”    Alvin Eze  Maryland, US
“Narelle, your oils have saved me and thrown me into a deep layer of self-understanding that I could not reach before. Your work is life-saving and will also be known to all humanity.”    Stewart Swerdlow  Michigan, US

“Thankyou so much Narelle!! I have gotten so much value out of the EmotionOil blends that you have given to me! Your expert advice, guidance and instruction on  working with your oil blends have been second to none!! All 3 of the oils… Red (Working through anger), Fearless (Working through fear) and The Key ( Unlocking unlimited potential) have worked together for me beautifully. I liked how you said the oils will work with ME, where I am at right now in my life…and that was definitely my experience!!. I was surprised at some of issues that surfaced when using them, and again your guidance helped me immensely to get the absolute most out of oils so that they can help with clearing the issues that came up . I highly recommend them to anyone who would love the extra support and boost to doing the inner mental & emotional release work !!”

Ben M – Newcastle NSW, Australia

Counsellor, Therapist & Educator