Unwind with Marjoram


Here in Australia, Marjoram is currently product of the month. What this means for those of you who are new to dōTERRA is that if you’re on LRP and place an order of 125PV before the 15th you receive a free oil! This is a great way to experience new oils or they can be used as gifts. I like to use these oils as the next focus for my explorations.

Marjoram, Origanum majorana, is more commonly known as a herb used in cooking. It has a strong savoury/herby scent and flavour and only 1 drop is required, otherwise you run the risk of overpowering your meal and turning everyone off! I’ve used it in bone broth soup and it’s also good in pasta or in an artichoke and spinach dip.

doTERRA’s Marjoram can be taken internally at one drop in half a cup of liquid, it can also be used in a veggie capsule and ingested. Do take caution when ingesting oils as they are potent! Less is best and dilution is important.

In Germany, Marjoram is known as the Goose Herb for it’s traditional use in roasting geese. In Greece, Marjoram has been known as the Funeral Herb as it was planted over the graves to bring spiritual peace to those departed. Right there is a clue to its other properties.

Despite its common use as a dried herb used in cooking, the essential oil is unique and valuable due to its extensive properties and benefits for the body.

Marjoram is rich in monoterpenes and alcohols, which are indicated to have a positive effect on the nervous system and can be used for calming. It may also be used to support the immune system.

Marjoram can be applied to sore, tired muscles and used pre and post workout to bring relief in a soothing massage. Apply it to the back of the neck to lessen feelings of stress. It calms the emotions and assist during stressful or strenuous tasks.

You can try marjoram for assisting with sleep. Due to its unwinding and calming properties I have found it’s assisting me, and sleep is something I’ve long had issues with. This is something I’m loving about essential oils as I have a whole range to experiment with!

I’ve found that inhaling dōTERRA’s Marjoram goes deep into muscle tension and gently unwinds long held stress. Of course you can put a drop in some FCO and apply that directly to muscles.

When using an oil for its emotional and therapeutical benefits it’s important that you set aside some Me Time of at least 15 mins, better if you can give yourself 30 mins or longer.

We live in such a high stress society we often forget to make time for ourselves. Often we delude ourselves that we’re having time out by watching tv or going to a movie or catching up with friends. There’s nothing wrong with these activities, but they are methods of distraction.

I encourage you to discover what works best for you as time out. And quality time out means spending alone.

It may be having a nice cup of tea or coffee and sitting in a comfortable chair with the sun coming through the window. Or maybe you have a favourite coffee shop where you can sit and watch the people traffic. Go for a walk or meditate. Whatever you choose, do it alone and allow your mind to release. Observe your thoughts and your feelings and allow them to pass up. This is how we begin to unwind.

Most people don’t like spending time alone and I can understand that. Spending time on our own inevitably means we begin looking at ourselves. The first time I lived on my own I was horrified one day to discover that I had verbal diarrhoea when a tradesman came to do some repairs. I was lonely and in hindsight I could see all of the little things I’d done to distract myself from mySelf. Looking within enabled me to realise how strong I really was and I began to enjoy that mental space of observation. These days I relish time out and I know how to use it!

Most people are busy with family, pets and/or work and finding time out can be a challenge. A friend once said to me ‘don’t tell me you can’t put aside 2 mins to pick up the phone and tell me you’re ok.’ That got me thinking and I began to do just that. Years later the same friend said to me ‘ride your horse for 5 mins every day and you’ll get over your fear’. Well, it took approximately 30 mins to fetch, groom and tack my horse and then similar at the end, and I was reluctant to do all of that just for 5 mins, but I gave it a go and found my confidence increased. Soon I was spending 15 mins each day on my horse and that soon became an hour.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? We tell ourselves why we can’t do things. Instead, tell yourself why you CAN. Don’t think about how to make time for yourself. Just do it! Start with 5 mins. Take marjoram essential oil, inhale it and sit for 5 mins and feel it start to unwind the tension in your body. It’s an enticing feeling and you’ll find you’ll want to spend longer exploring it.