dōTERRA essential oils open up a whole new world! These tiny bottles of liquid are packed with such power and strength which can change lives naturally. They are highly complex molecules which contain multiple properties allowing them to be quite versatile and enable me to create personal blends for individuals. Or use a pre-made blend, they’re amazing too!

I have such a deep connection to essential oils that I am able to go into their frequency and work with them. I am also able to connect their frequency to yours. This is why your personal blend is so important because as you change I am able to adjust your blend accordingly.

I can teach you how to work with essential oils to unlock your potential!

Oils can be used in many ways. Diffused into the air, massaged onto the body, applied topically on particular points, in a bath or in creams. Everyone is individual and your oils or blends can be tailored to your needs. Essential oils can also be used in the home for cleaning and purifying. They’re simple to use and often kind to your skin. Some oils are classified as hot and require dilution and it’s always advised to do a test patch first.

I continually research and am discovering new properties about oils every day! I have such passion for this!

I am available for experiential classes for groups or privately. Let’s have an oily party! get high on oils, not drugs!

Essential oils make great perfume or cologne. It’s fun to find out which ones you feel you want each day and rotate them around. Apply them to your wrist, behind your ears, over your heart. Or put a couple of drops in your palms, rub them together and apply to your hair. That lingering, beautiful scent will form a halo and follow you around.

Balance is a wonderful grounding blend that brings me back into my centre with a whump. Other people have told me the same!

Whisper is a beautiful sweet, musky scent that is described as a women’s blend, though many men like it too. Add a hint of Vetiver for a more manly scent or a drop of Frankincense.

Salubelle (this is called Immortelle in the US) makes a great deodorant when added to coconut. I like ease and apply it directly to my armpits and rub some coconut in after. Keep in mind, Salubelle is a neat oil and is very potent!